Frequently Asked Questions

When will Action Audio be available?

Action Audio will be available at the 2023 Australian Open. More details will be published here closer to the event.

We are working on including it in the other major tennis tournaments, and hope to offer Action Audio for other sports in the future as we continue to co-design with the community. All information regarding upcoming tournaments and events will be published here.

How can I access Action Audio?

When Action Audio is active at a sporting event, this website will display an accessbile link to access the live stream at the top of every page.

Action Audio is not guaranteed to be synced with live TV broadcasts. TV broadcast delay times vary depending on your home setup and geographic area. To use Action Audio in tandem with a TV broadcast, we recommend manually configuring the delay on your TV.

How can I get involved?

Are you a sports fan living with a vision impairment? We want to hear from you.

Action Audio is part of a larger ongoing research project to bring more live broadcast sport to sports fans around the world.

Please email us on

Help! Action Audio isn't working for me?

For technical assistance with Action Audio or to learn more about the project, please email us on

How do I know what the sounds mean?

Action Audio includes a variety of sounds including, the position and movement of the ball, the proximity of the ball to the line and the type of shot the player has hit. You can listen to these sounds individually on the “How it works” page.

Is Action Audio available for other sports?

The use of real time ball monitoring technology in other sporting codes such as cricket, basketball, baseball and football (soccer) offers a huge opportunity to expand access to many more sports to people living with blindness or low vision. If you would like to discuss how Action Audio could be implemented for your sports broadcast, contact

Get in touch

If you'd like to explore how Action Audio could be implemented into your sports broadcast, or if you'd like to participate in testing and development, we'd love to here from you.

Or email us directly at