Making sports
accessible to people living with blindness or low vision

Almost 300 million people worldwide are restricted from enjoying live sport because of their blindness or low vision.

Side-by-side image of people playing tennis and basketball with lines showing the trajectory of the ball as it is moving through the air.

Action Audio turns spatial data into information-rich 3D sound experiences, allowing low vision audiences to follow the action in real time.

Woman kicking a football (soccer), with lines to indicate the direction of movement and the sound that would be occurring.Motion TrackingMovementSound

The Action Audio Story

Action Audio Film (with Audio Descriptions)

[Screen Text] Almost 300 million people worldwide are restricted from enjoying live sport.

[Audio Description] Mikey Todorovik is sitting on his leather chair.

MIKEY TODOROVIC (Born with macular dystrophy): When you have a vision impairment, you're frustrated a lot in your life without even realizing that you're frustrated because you've got to focus on things extra.

[Audio Description] Sandra Knight is sitting on a yellow couch.

SANDRA KNIGHT (Legally blind since birth): I'm not a great watcher of sport because I can't see where the balls are.

[Audio Description] Adam Fayad is sitting at home on his grey couch.

ADAM FAYAD (Diagnosed with Stargardt's disease): I've got to tolerate it and live with it at the moment until something else comes out

[Audio Description] Kala Petronijevic is sitting with her mother Jelena

KALA PETRONIJEVIC (Blind in right eye, 40% vision in left eye): So my dad has to commentate for me.

[Voiceover] To give those of us who are blind or visually impaired the ability to follow games in real time, we turned the action into sound and created Action Audio: the world first system for augmenting live sports with sound.

[Voiceover] Basically, we took the electronic line calling system used to track balls and call close plays and created a sound design system for 3D audio.

[Voiceover] The project was designed over two years.

[Audio Description] Sandra, Maurice, Adam and Kala all put on their headphones to listen to Action Audio for the first time.

KALA: What?

[Voiceover] With months of testing with members of the blind-low vision community.

[Audio Description] Maurice smiles

MAURICE: Fantastic.

[Audio Description] Adam is smiling upwards.

KALA: I don't know why, but I can suddenly see the ball.

Newsreader: Action Audio means people like Kala can follow the speed and trajectory of the ball in 3D audio.

[Screen Text] Fast Company says: “This technology could soon allow visually impaired people around the world to better experience the joy of live sports.”

[Screen Text] The New York Times says: “Action Audio makes it easier to enjoy the game alongside friends and family.”

[Screen Text] Alex Pitts, National Partnerships Manager at British Blind Sport says: “We are thrilled to see such exciting progress in making sport more accessible.”

[Voiceover] Action Audio is a first step to better access for millions of visually impaired sports fans. The world first system for augmenting live sports with sound.

[Audio Description] Mikey stops to look at the camera.

MIKEY: You can just enjoy the games so much better. And actually know what's happening on the court, do you know what I mean? I love it. I love it.

[Screen Text]


Maurice Gleeson

Everyone has the right to have as much access as possible. I love tennis, but being totally blind, all I can usually hear is the ball going up and down and then I have to wait for them to announce the result. I'm really looking forward to this next step forward in accessibility.

Maurice Gleeson, CEO, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria
Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria

This is the final piece that I'm missing. It gives you those cues that you never really had before.

Michael Marshall, Blind sports fan

For the first time, thousands of blind and visually impaired fans are be able to follow the on-court action in real time, enabled by this groundbreaking new use of technology.

Craig Tiley, CEO, Tennis Australia
Tennis Australia

Action Audio is essentially a new language being created to transcend sport. It enables us to augment the live radio broadcast and changes the way blind and low vision sports fans can participate in live sport entertainment.

Machar Reid, Head of Innovation at Tennis Australia
Tennis Australia

Action Audio is a collaboration between AKQA and Tennis Australia.

Thank you to the International Blind Tennis Association, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria, Monash University and the many sports fans who contributed to the co-design of Action Audio.

Tennis Australia

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